Frances was recommended to me by an ICF accredited colleague in preparation for the ICF accreditation exam. As a mentor coach, her exquisite use of powerful questions and supportive stance enabled me to zone in on areas within my coaching approach that would benefit from further reflection to bring my best Self and service forward.

As a result of our work together, I have a deepened understanding and mindfulness of personal patterns that contribute to my coaching approach, and many more polished tools in my coaching toolbox. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking personal and professional growth. Sylvie Lemay MA, PPCC, ACC, Sylvie Lemay Coaching & Consulting Services

You delivered a very high value presentation. I know that people had many A Ha moments during your workshop. On behalf of the Summit 2011 Project Team and Project Sponsor, thank you, thank you. Judi Vincent, PMP, Project Manager, PMI Region 3 Leaders 2011 Summit Team
A heartfelt thank you for your insights and guidance. Many times you’ve amazed me with your skills and intuitive gifts, your phone calls come at a time when they are needed most. Your coaching style encourages me to explore my internal resistance and overcome limiting beliefs as I journey towards reaching my full potential.

The questions you ask during your coaching sessions provoke new insights and spark confidence to embrace change. You create a safe space for deep reflection and intrapersonal growth. Your approach is to highlight concrete actions and steps towards managing a successful business.Esther van Gennip, C.Med, Van Gennip Mediation & Consulting Services

It was a pleasure to be mentored by Frances. She very quickly established a safe and trusting environment that allowed me to practice and develop my skills and to gain the confidence that lead to my earning my ACC.

Frances provided an excellent overview of the process and had a unique ability to demonstrate the different levels of coaching competencies so that I could see what was needed to stretch myself. I appreciated Frances’ direction and support. Thanks for the opportunity to grow and develop.Dave McGregor, CHRP, ACC, Olympic Performance Solutions

I found your presentation insightful and very informative
and exactly what I needed at that time.Fatima Gadoury, Director, Membership PMI-Lakeshore Chapter
Your presentation was excellent!April Burton, Chapter Administrator, Project Management Institute
I was given a gift certificate from a friend and although the certificate had expired by the time I contacted Frances she still coached me and was as efficient as if I had paid for my coaching sessions. She led me wonderfully from the first to the last session, with professionalism while giving me marvelous and useful information & tools to work with/on between the coaching sessions.

I have learned enormously from Frances. Although my coaching was some time ago, I am still using those tools. Excellent, excellent coach. Thank you so much, Frances.Nicole Dazé LaRocque, Primerica Financial Services

Thank you Frances for coaching me through depression, illness, travel, anger, grief, creativity, explorations and laughter, to the awareness that has led to clarity, fulfillment, freedom, and finally reconnection with my self. I plan to always live a life of beauty, fun and adventure. You have been consistently honest, clear, patient and compassionate, always offering me a new way to look at things, and challenging me to live my truth. You were always available to me. I highly recommend you and your coaching skills to many fortunate others.M.S.
…I also discovered through our sessions, that most of what I do in both my work life and in my personal life is for others—and not for me. I am learning to set goals for ME that are for me and not to help me do for others. I am now in the process of creating a new career path that will meet some of the personal goals that we discussed during my coaching sessions. Thank you for your time and your talent.C.C.